Logo and poster of the Jubilee Congress for the 100th anniversary of the Polish Mathematical Society


Explanation of the themes and symbols

The primary motive of the poster is the Ulam spiral, also known as the prime spiral, shown up to the number 100, and placed in such a way that the end symbolizes opening up for the future.

The prime numbers are shown as yellow spheres, their sizes modified to create an interesting graphic effect. As a result of randomized modifications, a shape resembling the outline of Poland was created, and that is how the final result was achieved.

The color scheme refers to the colors of the Jagiellonian University and to one of the colors of Cracow (blue), although it is not identical. The logo starts precisely where the spiral on the poster ends, and because 101 is a prime number, it can be read as the first 100 years of PTM.

Files to download

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